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Soap Lift


Soap Lifts are made of a durable, recyclable, multi-directional material (corn and soy) that allows water to drain and air to flow beneath bar soaps, allowing your cold processed soaps to last longer.  Available in rectangle and fish design.



Soap Lift

Soap lifts are made from corn and soy fibers,a biodegradable plastic! These soap dishes will help your high-quality, natural cold processed soap bars last longer.  Natural soap can dissolve quicker than conventional store bought soap, and will last longer if kept dry between uses. Always keep natural soap away from direct streams of water. The variety of colors gives you a chance to show off your beautiful soaps or match your decor. Clean-up is super easy with no tedious scraping of caked up soap. Just simply rinse the lift under running water, let it soak in the sink, or pop it in the dishwasher!

Price is for individual item, please specify: Soap Lift Fish or Soap Lift Rectangle, and Color.

Rectangle is available in: Hunter Green, Sage Green, Baby Blue, Clear, Sand, and Mocha.

Fish is available in: Sage Green, Clear, Baby Blue, and Royal Blue.


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Weight 2 oz


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