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Periodontal Health


Each jar contains 2 oz. of periodontal/gum “paste”.  Only a small amount is needed to rub onto each quadrant of the mouth after nightly brushing to help improve oral health and shrink gum pockets!


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Periodontal Health – Gum Treatment

The Garden Soap Co. developed a blend of Himalayan pink sea salt, coconut oil, tumeric, and essential oils to help periodontal issues.  The results with this product have been amazing.  In just one week, gum pockets have gone from a 6 to a 4, and from a 5 to a 3!   The dentist was amazed with this quick healing, and even more impressed that the gum bleeding was totally gone.  He actually said; “I’m excited [about this] too!”  With continued nightly use, after three weeks the two bad gum pockets were both measured at a normal 3.  The only thing done differently in daily oral care was this easy to use gum treatment!   Simply rub onto gums nightly after brushing, spit out excess and you’re done!

Update – Six months later:  My gum pockets were measured again and the results were amazing.  While my bad gum pockets (the 5 and 6) remained a 3, all my gum pockets that previously measured 3’s were all 1’s and 2’s.

We may be making some dentists and oral surgeons lose some big bucks with this quick healing method for periodontal troubles!

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Essential Oils.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not meant to replace regular dental visits, treatment, or advice.  It is also not intended for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering your appearance.

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