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About Us

The Garden Soap Co. is a natural skin care company that uses only high end natural ingredients in our handmade products. All of our natural skin care products contain only pure essential oils, natural oils and butters, botanicals and natural mica colorants. Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic lathering agents, synthetic fragrance, and other harmful chemicals are never used.


Palm Oil is NOT used in any of our products.


Our bars of soap are made in small batches using the cold processed method. With a soft, creamy, moisturizing lather these bars are great for face, body, or hair. Bars last longer when paired with a soap saver and a natural body pouf or ramie cloth.


Handcrafted soaps are amazing. Natural soap has natural glycerin which protects the skin, the oils in the soap leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized, never dried out. Commercial soaps use synthetic ingredients which can be hard on your skin, and dry it out.

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